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Ecommerce for Startups

E-Commerce models like drop-shipping and white-labeling are hot businesses for startups. The key to success is to identify and work diligently with niche customer segments


E-Commerce for Retailers

For brick and mortar retailers, E-Commerce is an act just a temporary fix during an unprecedented global event, but a long-term strategy to thrive on success by reaching a much wider audience.


E-Commerce for Manufacturers

Digital Commerce opens new opportunities for manufacturers across all industries. Embrace DTC (direct-to-consumer) business model with a mix of non-linear and offline touch points for distribution


B2B Ecommerce

We well thought B2B commerce strategy will deliver a convenient and informative online buying experience for your B2B customers, making you their go-to supplier

Ecommerce Services

Our e-commerce development and IT technology experts, create unique digital Commerce experiences to drive customer satisfaction, expand audiences, and improve conversions

Confused regarding which eCommerce solution to opt for?

Well, do not worry. We are here to make this task easy for you. Hence, we do an insightful analysis of your

  • Business and competitor
  • Product line
  • Ideal Buyer Personas
  • Operational Resources
  • Budget requirements

Have a website but don't have the resource to update it regularly and keep it fresh?

We can take the hassle away, so you can focus on the important things, like driving your business forward and building on its success

  • Platform Maintenance & Performance Tuning
  • Migrations and Application Integration
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Customer Support Services
  • SEO + Analytics + Insights

Are you finding it an uphill task to attract sizeable new visitors to your online store every day?

We ensure to drive quality traffic with the highest purchasing intent.

  • Persona-Based Campaigns
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Inbound- Content Marketing
  • Social+ Search+ Email+ Affiliate
  • Campaign Performance Analysis + Optimization

Scalable, Responsive, Rapid
& Secure Web Development

The software architectures and technology stacks are evolving rapidly than ever before. Development of MVP commerce platforms and prototypes are the way forward to test and validate any innovative commerce idea. At Embark, we work across cutting edge technology stacks including Python, React, Laravel, Java-Spring, Mongo Db, PostgreSQL etc., to adopt user-friendly data structures and enhance productivity and speed of the resulting shopping applications


Scale the web app to handle traffic of any magnitude with zero downtime


Delivering an apt user experience regardless of screen size resolution.


A minimalistic setup means a website loads at the click of a mouse


A team of security experts secure websites secure against cyber attacks.

Full-Service Commerce

Full-Service Commerce

Embark‘s discovery and assessment process will make you confident that you have selected the right platform, tools and strategies to meet your growing needs to succeed

We offer end-to-end Digital Commerce services from Research, Platform Development through Managed support services , Customer Acquisition and KPI analytics.

Choosing the right platform to build your eCommerce business is just the first step. The most important step is to ensure that your eCommerce platform is optimized for user experience, SEO and conversions

Go to Market Support

Every E-business model has many facets to itself. The common denominator however, is a clear understanding of your target market, a compelling message describing how your product solves their problems, an appropriate pricing strategy, and an effective distribution plan.

A perfect GTM plan specifies the actions needed to reach target audiences, create a good market base, and achieve an advantage over competing brands. products.

We address all Five critical parts of a go-to-market strategy:

  • Product-market fit: What problem(s) does your product/ service solve?
  • Target audience: Who is experiencing the problem that your product/ service solves? How much are they willing to pay for a solution? What are the pain points and frustrations that you can alleviate?
  • Competition and demand: Who already offers what you are launching? Is there demand for the product, or is the market oversaturated?
  • Promotional Strategy: What are the ways by which you will reach out to your potential customers? Do you have a digital promotion plan in place?
  • Distribution: Through what mediums will you sell the product or service? Brick and mortar store, a website, an app, or a third-party distributor?

Market intelligence

A perfect GTM starts with thinking about your buyer, not your product. We help you understand not just your buyer's market, also how your product relates to your target market and its marketing mix to take informed decisions

Value proposition

At Embark, we guide you step by step to create a value matrix that maps the product or service across business needs. A compelling value proposition or product message will make your brand stand out from the crowd

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Embark's expertise in crafting a sound and holistic marketing and sales strategy across digital and social channels can help you build brand awareness, create lead pool, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.

Distribution plan

We help implement the most efficient distribution method for your business as it is the key to obtaining sustained revenue and loyal customers. Adopting multiple distribution methods to adhere to different consumer bases will ensure a personalized experience to customers

Our eCommerce Platforms

A tech stacks and platforms we use were thoughtfully selected to drive impactful results.

We've developed our workflow from a set of industry-leading tools and best-practices. Our execution model is personalized to every client we work with. We leverage Agile capabilities combined with our Rapid development framework to reduce got to market cycle.


Create amazing
e-commerce stores that convert more!

Do you want to gain a winning advantage for your business with an e-commerce store that delivers top-notch shopping experiences and gets you high conversions?

Launch your ecommerce store at lightning speed

A Embark, we focus on multiple factors that impact App development and tweak our approach by implementing the right tools, processes and approval hierarchy. We ensure that people involved in the projects are able to convey complex ideas easily using the modern project management tools and best practices

  • Swift Communication with Clients
  • Shared Access to Project Docs
  • Optimized Processes
  • Periodic Feedbacks
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You are at the right place, if you are you looking for E-commerce expert to give you the right tools and practices and help skyrocket your business success. Let's talk!

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Track time, projects, people & productivity

At Embark, we believe that transparency builds trust. Trust makes for better vendor-client relationships, and in turn, more clients. We use the latest time tracking software and tools that help us to enhance transparency, client satisfaction, and productivity. Keeping project and task velocity visible and traceable from start to finish allows tracking project goals and ensuring the feasibility of deadlines every step of the way without any last minute surprises.

  • Prioritize projects
  • Compare projects over time
  • Review team performance
  • Identify areas for improvement

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